Please provide Dialogflow Credentials

Please provide Dialogflow Credentials. how to resolve?

@shreyaparth99 Have u gone through it steps, itself provided a steps to get the credentials I think ?

no the steps show voiceflow documentation and i cant find anything related to this issue

it says drop JASON file or browse

@shreyaparth99 sry yar I didn’t get u, please elaborate otherwise u can tag to sir

Have u downloaded the json key from the service account u have created?

i downloaded the jason key but when i’m uploading it it shows invalid credentials. @ashwin.salgaocar please help sir

Could you share the screenshot of your issue over here? Try creating a new service account again and generate the JSON key.

How do I browse the dialog credentials in voiceflow

same doubt please anyone reply

same doubt pls reply

Hi @vaishnaviwadskar94,

Please refer to for creating Dialogflow Credentials. NOTE: The steps in the lesson are only for those who have created an account on Voiceflow before March 2021. For those who created an account after March 2021 can skip these steps.

Do let me know in case you need more help on this.