Problem in Evernote app working in action simulator

sir, in the Evernote app ,it is working fine in the prototype when I send request the note appears in my Evernote app and confirmation is also there in integromat , I recorder video of that too. But when the same i uploaded in google and run it through action simulator it says it left the conversation. Sir can i share recording of prototype and will it be accepted?

Sir, @ashwin.salgaocar please reply as I am stuck here and could not more forward .

@duggalakshit1999 Please remove words like app etc from project names. Google warns about these while setting the names for projects.

Thanks a lot @ashwin.salgaocar sir it immediately worked!!.

firstly make sure that all connections are made in the right manner, after that start testing prototype, if everything goes well then go to integromat and hit run once, next go to google action simulator and try testing it. it will work