Problem in testing weather app

Can anyone help with this .

am also facing the same issue

Facing the same issue. Someone please guide as I am new to this. @ashwin.salgaocar sir can you please help?

@ashwin.salgaocar sir can suggest wat to do if our google simulator is not responding properly on weather app

Apparently this issue occurred due to changes from Google Side. For now, the only solution is to see the working of few of the projects on the prototype tab of Voiceflow.
Or you can use a choice block instead of capture block and add custom city name that you like and then test it on google console, hopefully it might work.

Since the app is working properly in the prototype tab that means it has been created correctly. It is not working on the simulator and Google assistant, due to updates to the Google Actions Platform.

As the project is working correctly in the prototype tab your project is totally right. Its facing problem in google assistant due to some update on google action platform