Problem is occuring in playing file along with this I have and issue on

how do you find the top_5_artists list which we have specified in for loop, where it was given
also track_list? Intuition or these files names are specified
and also what is wrong in this

Hi @hrithik12032001,

Apologies for the delay in response. We are using Napster API to fetch the top 5 artists. Once the API request is called, we are using the following javascript code to fetch the name of the top 5 artists from API Response.

var artist_id
artist_name = artist_name.toLowerCase()

for(var i=0; i<top_5_artists.length; i++) {
if(top_5_artists[i].name.toLowerCase() == artist_name) {
artist_id = top_5_artists[i].id

For a more detailed explanation on the same, please refer to

Do let me know in case you need more help regarding your project.