Problems about making music app

my project is not going well in viceflow …I cant make out whats wrong is going on.

I am attaching the screenshots of the project plz tell me about the faults.

im having the same problem

@rishidutta795 I think the problem is in your code block. Check it out first…

@rishidutta795 and also you are calling the wrong artist name, it’s Drake not Darek

but I hv copied it from the given code below of the video.

@rishidutta795 bro just try to put the correct call , because if u r using any API then it may be very sensitive, as u are calling through that particular URL’s end point and if it does not match then u will definitely will get error because of the un-matching of that url

Why am I not getting track names? @subham3140 @ashwin.salgaocar