Project 11 Problem

Good Morning Sir @ashwin.salgaocar
The Google Sheet Module is not showing the output for the condition provided of the project 11 - Voice Based Smart Assistant for doctors for finding number of appointments though the API test has succeeded. Please tell how to sort out this problem.

@amishasharma288 What condition are you looking for, can you elaborate?

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, the condition is - date should be now and appointments = Yes to count number of appointments on that day but in Google Sheet output is always showing to be zero all time even at succession of API test.

@amishasharma288 Is your date field in the google sheet a text field?

@ashwin.salgaocar Yes Sir date field in Google sheet is a text field but still it is unable to show the total number of appointments on day as all time it is displaying total no of bundles = 0 in the Google Sheets module in the Integromat.

@amishasharma288 The date in the google sheet is in DD/MM/YY format and what you have defined in the google sheet module of integromat is DD/MM/YYYY format.

@ashwin.salgaocar Yes Sir, I changed it but still it is showing no.of bundles = 0 (to count no.of appointments) in google sheets module in Integromat.

@amishasharma288 Noted. Please share your contact number so that I can share a meeting link to you. We can have a screen-sharing session on Monday(31st May at 2:00 PM).

@ashwin.salgaocar my no is 9093460889

@amishasharma288 Thanks for sharing. We shall have the meeting today at 03:00 PM. I will share the details accordingly.

@amishasharma288 Tried calling you but it seems, your phone is unreachable.

It is working now Sir . The problem was in webhook response I wrote the syntax of json in the webhook response wrong. After correcting it is returning the number of appointments in a day .

@amishasharma288 Please do share the screenshots of the mistake and the correction you did. This would be really helpful for someone else on the forum who may face a similar issue.

Yes Sir

Error was in the syntax of json in webhook response . I moved to next line for writing Total number of bundles but there should be no newline between " and Total number of bundles. Now it is working after this correction it is now fetching total number of appointments on that day.