Project 5 telegram app

the voice app is not working on simulator.what to do?

@sakshinikam2021 Are you getting messages on telegram?

No im not getting messages when it tested it on simulator but when i tested it on voiceflow i got the message

@sakshinikam2021 Seems like there is an issue with Voiceflow. We have already mailed them regarding some common earcon issues. I will keep you updated here for further updates from Voiceflow Team.

This type of error could occur due to capture block. I was facing the same issue.
In the new capture block of voiceflow if you try to create a new entity and add some custom value, it is going to accept only those value and no other values.
So to avoid that you can you could select enter user reply from the dropdown by clicking the icon on right and then select the variable to take that value in. Trying this solved my issue.
Hope this helps.

@sakshinikam2021 According to me, few keywords (like hello, weather, today, etc.) are used by Google Assistant itself to provide its basic services so while testing our project if we use such keywords it automatically ends the conversation.
Also, if you try to do this on mobile it will end the conversation but also generate output as the Google assistant will do for that keywords.
Try not to use such keywords.

Hi @sakshinikam2021
Please make sure you’re using the same gmail account for voiceflow as well as for console/assistant.
If you’re using the same account, then make sure that all your integromat scenarios are ‘turned on’ while you’re testing on Google Console or Assistant both.

@sakshinikam2021 I faced a similar issue its because of the capture block. In the Capture block click on the dropdown and select “Enter user reply” and add the variable it work with that. The Capture block will look like this once you change

Hi @sakshinikam2021
Just make sure you’re using the same gmail account for voiceflow and the console/assistant.
Also, make sure that all of the integromat scenarios are turned on while testing your app.
You can also try changing the capture option to “Entire user reply”, this happened to solve my problem.