Project12 : Not Able to Connect Linux VM with Host OS (Windows 10)

I am not able to connect my vm with host os… I follow the instructions as stated in the video… I am able to ping the vm’s ip address from host command prompt but not able to ping host’s ip address in vm’s terminal…
@ashwin.salgaocar sir please help!

Please elaborate by sharing the screenshot of your network settings.

@dkunvarani Here are the steps you should do:

  1. Switch off your VM.
  2. Change the Promiscoud mode under network settings of the VM to Deny or Allow All. It should not be Allow VMs. I have explained the reason below.
  3. Start your VM and try the ping commands again.

This should work.

Here is the explanation of those 3 options:
There are three options of using the promiscuous mode :

  • Deny . Any traffic that is not intended to the virtual network adapter of the VM is hidden from the VM. This option is set by default.
  • Allow VMs . All traffic is hidden from the VM network adapter except the traffic transmitted to and from other VMs.
  • Allow All . There are no restrictions in this mode. A VM network adapter can see all incoming and outgoing traffic.

Hope this helps.

ok sir… Thank you! I will do the changes

Hello @dkunvarani,
I had the same issue of what you had, i.e., my VM was unable to ping the ip address of the wireless adapter connect and the host machine is able to ping the VMs ip.

I did a small change of thought. I still don’t know how this happened but it seems to work alright.
Here is my uncanny solution to get ping from host to VM terminal.
(using your screenshot by the way)

Here at the end of the screenshot there is a ‘Default Gateway’ field. I used the ip address below it, which is ‘’ and the transmission from host to VM went fine.

This could be a quick fix but I cannot say that this is optimal. Anyway, all the best!!!