Projects 9 -12 not yet available!

It is November 29, 2020, time: 23:13 pm. And I’ve been waiting for the content to be uploaded for 2 weeks. It’s taking too long. It’s been almost 2 months since I started. More than half the time I was made to wait for the lectures to be uploaded! This has started to become frustrating… :frowning:

Hi @prasadprathik10, Apologies for the delay. The reason there has been a delay is that we have been working on researching the alternatives for the changes introduced by Voiceflow. Since this is the tool heavily used in the training, we wanted to make sure that the changes introduced by voiceflow reflect in the training on a priority basis. We are still working on the fix for this so that the new students do not face issues while doing the training. Hope you understand the concern. Once we complete that, we will soon update the date for the python content of the training.