Provide us the lectures

Pls provide the lectures for the Voice apps Interface using Python as soon as possible, its talking too much time sir

Hi, The go-live has already been mentioned in the training. The content will be live on the given date.

@ashwin.salgaocar ok sir

when there will be that live class ???
Will we get mail before it ???

@sharmavibhuti1507 as in instruction it mentions that it will be after 16th nov or something… But the main concern is what we have to do if we already had completed the part before linux… It will create a gap for us… This is the main concern isn’t it?

yes i think you are right buddy !

@subham3140 @sharmavibhuti1507 You can answer the certification and exam and be done with the course. Currently the certification exam includes questions only till Module 3(Integration with Integromat).

Sir i had already attempted the test on 29th oct and still I have not got my certificate… Please consider it @ashwin.salgaocar sir… Hope so I will get it soon

Hi, @subham3140,

I see that you have shared the links to a zip file. Please share the link to the videos directly uploaded to your drive. Share it at

Sir each recorded file is too big… How can I send it

@subham3140, Simply upload it to google drive and share the public links of it.

@ashwin.salgaocar sir could you please give a confirmation that you have received my project through email?

@ashwin.salgaocar sir???