Python Program not running

Why isn’t my Python program running even after copying the same as given?

@anusreecb2000 Please change the credential file name in the code with your own credential file that you have created. You have entered the name of the file that the mentor is using to explain. 'python-project-313603-c41b5b7e22ca.json' This is the thing you need to change. Let me know if you are still facing the issue. Thank you!

creds = ServiceAccountCredentials.from_json_keyfile_name('python-project-313603-c41b5b7e22ca.json', scope)
client = gspread.authorize(creds)

After changing also it’s showing the same error.

@anusreecb2000 Please make sure that you create a sheet named Monitoring Data in your Google Sheets and give access to your service account. Also check your credentials file that you have entered valid credentials.