Python3_pyaudio installation

I am not able to install python3_ pyaudio it is showing this error.

@rsravisharma6940 The error states that the process is held by 10664(PID of the process, unattended-upgr). You need to first kill it using: sudo kill 10664

Then rerun the above command, that is: sudo apt-get install python3-pyaudio

After doing the process as written I got this error. After.
… audio=r.listen(source) command

@rsravisharma6940 The error clearly states that you have an indentation error. Please make sure you have proper spaces in your code. Can you share the screenshot of the part of the code which has audio=r.listen(source)? The error lies in the spacing of it or the line before it.

Please check again I am getting same error

@rsravisharma6940 Again. It is the same issue, where you are not spacing your code lines properly. Please share the screenshot of the code file also, so that I can pin point the error to you.

In short, you need to check the spacing of the line audio=r.listen(source)

here are the screenshots, please go through it and reply

@rsravisharma6940 Again. You have shared the screenshot of the output. Please share the screenshot or better, paste the code here for me to debug. As the error states, it is an indentation error, which means you have misplaced a space within your code.

For some reason pip does not work, instead you could try first installing “pipwin” if you don’t already have it Open a cmd and type this :
“pip install pipwin”

Now install PyAudio using:
“pipwin install pyaudio”

If pipwin already installer you can remove it by using:
“pip uninstall pipwin”
and then install it again.