Regarding Internship Project

Sir, I have completed the training and had submitted the “Doctor” app as the internship project but since it is already covered in the training course so I have been asked to submit another project. So I have two queries in this regard -

  1. How extensive the project should be, i.e., how many minimum blocks in voiceflow or scenarios in integromat should be present?
  2. Since I need to prepare for my end-semester exam this month, may I resubmit the project after the exams?

Hi @siddharth.verma.cse2,

  • There is no limit on blocks or scenarios requirement of voiceflow in your internship project.
  • You can submit your internship project anytime once you are ready with it.

Ok sir, thank you for the clarification.

Sir, I have resubmitted another internship project different from those done in training. Kindly let me know your feedback—also, thanks to the team for the fantastic course.

Hi @siddharth.verma.cse2,

We have shared feedback via email. Hope you had a great learning experience!

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Sir, I have not received any email as of now regarding this. I checked both inbox and spam folders.

@siddharth.verma.cse2 Do not worry. You will get it within the next 24 hours.

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Yes, you can resubmit the project after your end semester exams. The blocks can be done of your own choice. Thank you.

@shobhit.kumawat I submitted “my english guide” as my own project in the certification exam. Can I submit some improvised, similar project in assured internship or do I need to necessarily submit the exact same project?

It is not necessary to submit exactly the same project for internship.

will we get any grades or something in internship certificate based on how good the project is? @siddharth.verma.cse2

Though there is no provision of grades in the internship certificate, the project will get accepted only if it does not match with any of those covered in the training content and is practically useful, with detailed demonstration in both Google actions simulator and Google assistant.

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okay great thanks!! @siddharth.verma.cse2