Regarding project videos

I have recorded all the 5 projects’ videos using other phone camera and didn’t do screen recording. I didn’t even think this would be a problem but now that some kids are raising doubts regarding this, I need clarity. Is it mandatory to record the videos by screen recording ONLY? If so, I have already deleted all the projects on voiceflow…what should I do?

@Deepanjali Submit the videos you already have. It should show the working of the project. If it does, then it enough.

sir, as for recordings of google assistant(in mobile) I’m able to record device voice only(google assistant), I was unable to record my voice during screen recording. if it is ok or not please suggest me regarding this

Iam also facing the same issue of not able to record my voice and could only record the google assistant voice by screen recording in mobile. So @ashwin.salgaocar , can we record project videos using another phone camera?