Regarding refund

I not getting event the upload to google part so where do I have to ask for refund
I even tried creating a new voiceflow account with new account still it’s the same or if someone knows how to do it now please help me


even i am facing the same issue. What did you do?

i want refund too. not at all satisfied and no response from the instructor when i ask doubts. its literally been a week since i move forward in this course

same this side. no response from anyone. i also want to refund.what should i do for that? its literally not acceptable. i have joined other courses also but they seriously respond within 1 day only but i have not got any reply here in this course.please tell how to refund?

totally wastage of money hai ye

They will give you refund only in the first 10 days after you registered for the course. After that we have no option but to complete the course.