Requesting for acess to AR training

Sir i have received the access to voice apps training but not AR, when I first register for voice apps training, so please provide access to AR training so that I can finish within time. I’m requesting you, kindly look into the matter as soon as possible ,we need certificates for submission purpose on time, otherwise our degree gets delayed.


I am also facing the same issue sir. In the mail, there was a mention of free Augmented Reality course but I do not have the access to it. I need to finish this course and submit the certificates in college at the earliest. Hence i request to be given access to the AR training as soon as possible.
@ashwin.salgaocar @rajesh.penugonda

@magadiabhinav @prajwaltr330 Noted. I have shared your details with the team. You will get the access by Monday as it is the weekend. Thank you!

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Sir we have asked for combined certificate for voice apps but we are not getting a correct explanation on why it is getting delayed. If AR training is necessary to get a combined certificate please send me the access code as I too didn’t receive it previously. my mail Id is

even @sjunaids133 and @bharathkumara2000 are having the same issue

I hope you do the needful @ashwin.salgaocar @rajesh.penugonda

@4ni18is011_a There will be a process for everything. We need to verify whether the request can be processed or not. I have asked the team to resolve your issue as soon as possible. Kindly be patient. You will get the reply soon.

Sir, please provide access to Augmented Reality training @rajesh.penugonda @ashwin.salgaocar

@rajesh.penugonda sir any updates regarding access to AR training, it’s humble request sir please do the needful.

@prajwaltr330 I have requested the team to give access to AR Training. I will update you once I receive the feedback from the team.

@4ni18is011_a, You as well as @sjunaids133, @bharathkumara2000, and @prajwaltr330 should have received access to the AR training email. Please follow the steps in the email to get access to it.

Sir, I am also not having access to AR training, I would also request you to provide access to the same at the earliest since we have our reviews at college.
@rajesh.penugonda @ashwin.salgaocar

@magadiabhinav Noted

Sir I didn’t receive the access code mail. Please provide me the same, Thank you.

Sir, The coupon code that I got is invalid.

All of us @prajwaltr330 @4ni18is011_a including me have the same problem. Please look into this matter.

@sjunaids133 Try to access it using the Bolt cloud dashboard.

@bharathkumara2000 Noted

Sir, we checked Bolt cloud dashboard. In training section only voice apps is visible, there is no option for AR training. Same problem for @sjunaids133 and @4ni18is011_a also please sort it out as soon as possible.

Sir, It has been 6 days since I first asked for the access and I still haven’t received any mail with coupon code to access the AR training. I have my review at the start of next week by which time I have to finish the training. I request you to provide me with the access at the earliest.
@ashwin.salgaocar @rajesh.penugonda

@4ni18is011_a @sjunaids133 @bharathkumara2000 @prajwaltr330 @magadiabhinav
You have to visit and log in to your account. You should see the AR training listed there.

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Access has been enabled sir. Thank you very much