Service account not created issue

I don’t get a service account in DialogFlow after creating an agent named “My-First-New-Project”.


Followed lecture “Uploading jokes app to Google”.

walkthrough - In voiceflow after completion of jokes app.
upload to Google -> create google action project -> My First New Project ->Selected “custom”->Selected at below last line of page highlighting icon named " dialog flow" -> get started -> create action(Build) -> create agent named “My-First-New-Project”->After I click the settings tool-> It shows only project ID but below it doesnt show service account

The second agent created in DialogFlow but the service account was not created. Please resolve this issue. Same Name created while google actions project did. Same “Walkthrough” which I posted in last cooment. Only project name and agent name changed while comparing with previous comment.

resolve this issue.

@VenkataRamanen Just click on the project I’d, it itself a link to jump u to the google cloud page after that, all the steps are same as what our mentors have instruct to us

@subham3140 Yes, I went by clicking project id.
After moving through the “IAM & ADMIN” -> service account. After a look at the screenshot. No accounts get created. New problem arises because of not auto-created any service account.

@subham3140 It must have to create 3 service accounts according to “upload to google”.

@VenkataRamanen Have u gone through the “+ CREATE SERVICE ACCOUNT”

@VenkataRamanen I got ur problem, see u have to save the app first, just go to dialogueflow credential and first save it


@subham3140 yes, I did.

@subham3140 After that too same problem arises.

@subham3140 I have to try this. could you Tell me what to do?

@VenkataRamanen have u tried this


@subham3140 was asking “select a role” while in creating service account.Please tell me in walkthrough step by step manner. This is the new process which was not in video course.

Type Dialogflow API admin

@subham3140 Is DialogFlow API Admin???

Had u downloaded the credential key?

@subham3140Yeah! Created only one account.In this screenshot of that video course. 3 service accounts gets created. Here I created only one.