Service account

i cannot see the service account link in my dialogflow credentials please check it and correct it please

Project Id is itself a link to jump to the service credential page

k then how to create a key and how to browse in the dialogflow credentials

@ijazmohamed303 bro this is the older version, pls use beta or updated version of voiceflow as it doesn’t need to create dialogflow credentials

Please send update version link broo please

am using the updated version but i dont know how to upload in training they are doing one thing but i cant see that in updated version totally different from the training please anyone help and please give me a solution i want to complete this course sooonn…

In Training they are teaching one thing but in real i cant see anything that what they teach…please anyone help me to complete the course i want to finish it in a few days…please clear it… expecting your responses…
in uploading part totalllyy different then how can i upload it please explain it…or please release the updated training pleasee… it just collapsing

in the weather app session training In the capture option there is a no input type available (geo city) then how can i create it please clear my query

how to upload it to google without using dialog flow credentials

@ijazmohamed303 in course it has the updated steps please visit it first.

I am also unable to see service account. please help

You don’t need the service account any more, you can click on create a new project and the follow the steps mentioned in this chapter: