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Hello Sir,
The No. of appointments path in the scenario is fetching ‘zero’ bundles in return.
I am not able to figure out what is wrong,here are the screen shots of my scenario.

The total no of bundles is displaying as zero.
the date is also in the plain text format in the google sheets.

Here are the screenshots of search cells details

@nnamratha082000 We have previously answered a similar query. Please refer to Appointment details path error for a solution to your issue.

Do let me know if you still face any difficulty.

Thank you sir, the above error got sorted but the appointment details is still showing error.
here is the screenshot.

I checked the forum for similar situations but there it’s said that the json format syntax is not right.
I am not able to follow as there are no json format code before the update cells of google sheet module in the appointment details path.

How do I solve the above error sir?

@shobhit.kumawat @nnamratha082000
how to solve this error? #‘Sheet’


@sakshipatidar7 Instead of comparing data during fetching data. You can firstly fetch the data and then you can use filters to compare the date range. Please refer to Appointment details path error for a detailed solution.