Speak block is not working

Sir I tried to use speak block but no sound is coming but previously it worked fine.and sir when I click prototype I get no sound from speak block only text appears.there is also this default coming on the top of the text which did not occurred in earlier projects.!

@nk05201999 it’s a common issue, meanwhile all works well except this, so let the voiceflow team to handle this .

Ok I will proceed with my project then.thank you

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same error with me also.

no issues bro you can continue with your design and in order to check it whether it is working or not just upload the whole design to google actions console and test their it will work fine believe me.

Even I had the same problem and then I saw this thread and continued. Now the project is working fine on google actions console but the google assistant seems to have a problem with audio just like the prototype tab. What should I do now? @ashwin.salgaocar sir, is it OK if I make a video without the voice. This is my last project and I have to give the exam asap.