Speech recognition is not recognizing

A screenshot of the program

Speaking but not recognizing.

After Keyboard interrupt(ctrl+c)


It looks like an issue from your Virtual Machine or maybe your Computer. Can you reinstall the Virtual Machine/ OS and follow the steps for everything as mentioned?

You can also cross-check by trying to play any audio from the browser in the Ubuntu OS.

This screenshot shows, ALSA Plug-in of python speech recognition uses a microphone.
Even while adjusting a volume, hear a sound.


Please follow up with the instructions in the below post, and check if you are able to get the microphone input working.

Output shows some warning without any clear output of recognizing.


It’s not working anyway. I just skipped those 2 projects of databases and jokes app.


That’s alright. You can anyways use Python online on replit.com/ or even on your own OS. I believe you need to reinstall either the OS and VM software or the python and its libraries.

Let me know if you face issues on the other alternatives as well.

Actually, VM was taking more recognizing time. The speech recognition program was working. I may take a better try on the desktop.