Telegram app doubt

@subham3140 i am facing this issue although i have added bot in the channel.

please tell what should i do to solve it.

@ishakaushik1231 You have entered the wrong chat ID, the error message clearly states your error. Please read it and correct it with the right one you created.

Sir, I am also getting same error.
But I have checked that I have entered correct ID

Please check this issue @ashwin.salgaocar.

@ashwin.salgaocar sir can you tell the mistake that I am making by watching the images that I have posted ?

@rahulsaxena2000242 If I see the screenshots, I see that the bot in the channel does not have access to messages. This means, you have not promoted the bot to be an administrator of the channel, So even though the error message is the same, you have done the mistake of not promoting the bot to be an administrator of the channel. Please check that

I remember making it administrator. But ok I make project once again. Maybe I made a mistake. Thanks sir.

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