Telegram app working

my app as shown in video while testing api request sends message to integromat and receives it in telegram while running scenario but when i run the prototype or test it using google action console it does not send message to integromat what can be the issue?

@parth.21911195 Could you please share relevant screenshots of errors/problems that you are facing? This will help us to better understand your issue and solve the concern.

Sir I faced the same problem during Telegram app and Evernote app.

@shobhit.kumawat this is how its working on google action console but my query is that this test message was not received on my on telegram channel chat So is it fine or not because as explained in the query i posted while testing api request message was recived on my channel.

@parth.21911195 In your telegram app project, your message should post on telegram. If it is working directly using integromat then it should work with a voice app too. I am assuming that you have turned on the integromat scenario before testing your voice app. Could you please share the integromat scenario screenshot just after testing the voice app?

@parth.21911195 I think you should try removing the no match option in the capture block as the error reads path not connected. I think this will resolve the issue.