The speak block does not respond no matter what I write into it

Whenever I check in prototype , the speak block just shows the text with default and does not read it aloud !

@taha.21810883 r u talking about the voice response u r not getting, isn’t it?

Even I’m facing the same problem!
Respected teacher can you please see into it? how can i overcome this problem?

Yes that’s exactly what I’m facing

@taha.21810883 Had u checked in google console, is it working or not?

I tried uploading on google and it is working fine on the simulator ,Thank you ! :+1:t3:

the same problem i am facing now…
can anyone help me to come out of it!?

@pavithrayadav666 it’s a common Issues,indeed all works perfect.

thank you for your kind reply sir !!!

@pavithrayadav666 indeed m not a sir

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir, I’m facing the same issue. I cannot listen to the voice at all. Can you help me out?