There is no scenario listening for this webhook plzzzzzzzz help soon!1

this is message I am getting after running the test case and sending message as"hello" in telegram app

After I run the test case it is successful , but when I go in Raw as mentioned in video to c if it’s “Accepted” I get msg that no scenario listening this???/ plzzzz help


@chaitralee99 that is because, you must have not run the scenario before testing the app. Please make sure, you integromat scenarios are running before you test it.

You’re facing this issue because you have not run the scenario pn integromat before testing your application. To run the scenario you just need to follow some steps:

  1. Go to Integromat.
  2. Then go to scenarios.
  3. Select telegram scenario.
  4. Run the scenario.
    Note: You just need to follow these steps before testing your app.

schedule the scenario to run immediately. this will solve the problem without having to manually run it everytime you use the app.

@chaitralee99 you have to set the scheduling on with an immediate condition so that you need not to be run everytime

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Run the scenario of integromat which is at the bottom left cornor before running the project. you are facing this issue because you are not running the scenario