To do list adding tasks problem

In my to do list project my tasks are been shown properly but when I say “add” to add more tasks in my list the new items are not updated and there is nothing displayed too. Does anybody have any idea of what the issue maybe?

Make sure that in the array aggregator which holds the array of your new tasks to be added you have chosen the “title” from the “google tasks- list tasks” options and not from google tasks- create a task". This might solve the issue.

If nothing is being displayed check the flow of the blocks.

As if the flow is correct you should be displaying “Say yes to add more tasks, Otherwise say no.” regardless of the API response.

@sjunaids133, Hope the replies from the community members solves your issue. If not please include your Voice flow screenshots and integromat screenshots, so that I can help you better.

The integromat scenario may get switched off after use.Make sure that it is ON or try Running once by just testing the request directly . If it still does not work you might wanna look into the flow or variables naming once again.