To-do list app: Not able to show tasks

Sir, i am able to run the app and add tasks to my google tasks but not able to show the tasks ( it shows comma’s ) as screenshot attached below:

Integromat is also able to capture and process everything in both the cases of add and show,
Just the problem is that it shows comma’s ( , ) instead of actual tasks.
I am attaching some more screenshots below to make it easier for you to solve the problem:

@jsingh_be18 Let me know when you are free for a screen sharing session. Time and date.

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir i am free today at 5 pm

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir since you didn’t reply can we have it tommorow, i.e. 27 april anytime before 4 pm ( or after 6 pm) ?

@jsingh_be18 Apologies, we can have the session at 3PM today. Please share your contact number for me to share the meeting details.

So the problem was in my code block
This was my code block: tasks[i] = all_tasks.title
There was a missing [i] with the all_tasks variable
Corrected code block: tasks[i] = all_tasks[i].title
Thanks sir for helping my rectify this.

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