To do list app problem

Sir, I have done the “To do list app” step by step as you said and It is working wonderfully while testing and prototyping.
When I uploaded the same into the google action console, It is not working
Can you please help me over this?@ashwin.salgaocar

It has been more than three days and I still didn’t get any reply.
What you people are doing ? If you can’t clear your students doubts then why did you even start the course. I just don’t think any one can wait these many days after all to clear a small doubt .
This is worst platform to do a course,not even replying for single doubt.@ashwin.salgaocar

So this how you treat your students. This is the worst platform to do a course. Still I didn’t get any reply. I think you better close this platform and I don’t think any one can wait these may days for a single reply to clear my doubt.@ashwin.salgaocar

@19315A0523 Let me know when you will be free for a screensharing session where I can look into your issue and pin point it.

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Sir, I am free on 10th march
Can you please share the details of the screensharing session.@ashwin.salgaocar

Do share your contact, number and I shall send the details via SMS.

Hi, Apologies for delaying this. I shall share the details by today end of day.


As discussed via the Screen-sharing session, the reason you were getting the error when you uttered show was because, Google has now made it to be an inbuilt function. It began working when we changed it to display.

@ashwin.salgaocar Hi, I am trying to do the same as you said and now it is making trouble again, I have changed the “show to display” and “add to attachmore” , still it is not showing desired output. Kindly make time for this problem and solve this problem as soon as possible.

can u show me the prototype tab . Actually I am also sticking and need help

Hi @19315A0523,

To clarify on the above point, is the string changed in the filters used in integromat to match the utterances in Voiceflow?

@ashwin.salgaocar Yes.

@ashwin.salgaocar Hi Sir, In prototype it is updating messages when I go through the process
“Yes -> giving tasks” when I go through the process "display -> tasks " It is not able to retrieve the tasks. I have changed the utterence and I have in integromat also.
In google console nothing is working.
Please do something.
Please reply ASAP.

Hi @19315A0523,

As per your message I get that the project isn’t working on the Google console. But I did not understand the description of the problem. Could you elaborate it clearly? You can add screenshots and explain the issue that you stated above.

Also, while testing it on the simulator, is the integromat scenario running?


In the pic Right side It is showing that , like this.
That is the task retrieve, It is not able to retrieve the tasks from the App.

In Google console when I am updating something it is able to retrieve the tasks but when I am trying to retrieve directly by clicking display It is not able to retrieve anything but this","
So please try to help me out.

@19315A0523 If I have understood correctly, you mean to say that when you add tasks, it gets updated to the Google Task application, but when you try to retrieve those tasks, it shows blank(comma’s). Right? Correct me if I’m wrong.

In that case, can you share the screenshot of the body section of the integration block? It would look something like the following:

Also, Can you please send the screenshots of Integromat, where you can see the task getting listed in the module?


I can’t find the “Task getting listed on the module” in Integromat
So can you please tell me where I can find it And place it here.