To-do list custome code not working

Custom code doesn’t seem to be working.
Everything is working even list is visible on Integromat, i’m able to add new itmes to just the custom code and card part isn’t working.

Please solve it asap.

@aa.arusha If it is not working, clearly you have an error in it. Please check this thread: To-do list app: Not able to show tasks

Sir it’s the same as it is in the video lectures but it’s still not working, I’ve even attached the screenshot.
Kindly look into it once and tell me if you find any error, it will be alot of help i’ve to submit this particular project.
Please do it asap.
Thank you.

Sir please help fast it’s been 4 days since i asked my question.
I’ve attach this project.

@aa.arusha Please share your contact number so that I can share a meeting link with you. We can have a screen-sharing session on Monday(31st May at 3:00 PM).

Thank you so much sir.
It’s 8010496775
I’m attaching my email too, it is

Thank you sir for solving my problem.
It was just a small issue,i.e, voiceflow prototype has error with showing cards.
So it worked fine when i tried it on google action simulator.
Thanks once again.