To do list project

its not showing my tasks with prototype but in test request its showing
can i upload this as a project

@sakshinikam2021 It should show tasks in Voiceflow prototype tab/Google Actions Simulator. Testing in API Block is a different thing. Please check your voice app again. Your current video will be rejected as it is not displaying output in Voiceflow prototype tab/Google Actions Simulator.

the tasks are not been shown when i run the app on prototype as well as on simulator .please help me to solve this problem

@sakshinikam2021 Could you please share a screenshot of the error that you are facing? You could check Integromat Logs to check where your voice app went wrong.

when i ask for show tasks it doesn’t shown any of my tasks but in integromat the module returns the tasks

could any one please solve my problem.

@sakshinikam2021 As I can see from the above screenshots, the Integromat scenario is working as expected. There is no problem with it.

There is an issue with your voice app which is hard to see completely in the above screenshots. I request you to rewatch the training video and replicate the project as it is shown in the video. Avoid merging the blocks in each other. This will help you to debug where your voice app went wrong.

I was facing the same problem. The problem is in the code block , from the code block it goes to failure and stops. For me just replacing the for loop statement for(i=0; i<all_tasks.length; i++) in the code block by this for(var i=0; i<all_tasks.length; i++) statement resolved the issue as variable i was not declared as a variable.
And the card block won’t show any output in the voiceflow you should upload the project to google action simulator and check.
Hope this helps.