Topics related to Exam

Sir @ashwin.salgaocar , Are topics related to linux operating system and python related projects in certification exam. Are we required to do any project based on that?

@bompalymanojreddy It’s preferable to go through all the topics in the training. For the certification test, you will be asked to submit three of the projects mentioned below and the main project.

  1. Weather App
  2. Telegram App
  3. Evernote App
  4. To-do list App
    In case you want to ask something else, please let me know.

Sir, does main project mean one of those two major projects? Also do I need a project of my own?

@bompalymanojreddy Main project is your own project.

It is good if we went through all the topics . But for certification test, we have to submit a video of the following projects

  1. Weather app
    2.Telegram app
  2. Evernote app
  3. To-do list app
    And you also have to submit project of your own