Twitter App Subscription

Integromate has updated its subscription for Twitter module (Premium) hence I am not able to run the app also I don’t find it reasonable to buy the Twitter module. Please guide me with this as I might have to submit it as a project during certification exam.


This has been the latest update from Integromat’s side. You may choose not to buy the premium subscription. We will be working on replacing this project with something from the free integromat plan soon.

Sir,still it is showing the same project…please update it sir

@ashwin.salgaocar sir, any update on it?

@ashwin.salgaocar Sir when will be replacement for this project be done?

@ashwin.salgaocar yes sir when will it be done??

@ishakaushik1231 We have added python content, which you can refer to instead of this project. We will soon replace this topic from the training content as well.