Unable to Access my Voice apps Forum account

This is Anurag Joshi (anuragjoshi2606@gmail.com) from NIE Mysuru currently pursuing Voice apps training. I am unable to access and use all the features if the Voice apps forum from my main account as it is on temporarily on hold. Please do the needful @shobhit.kumawat @ashwin.salgaocar


@4ni18is011_a , May I know for which reason, your account have been put in hold. Can you please share the screenshot of the mail, that you received ?

This was the system generated mail that I got .
I have not added a single query from that account as it was blocked from the beginning. I was using this secondary account to get solutions to my queries till now. But now I need that account to take the certification exam. Please do the needful.
My main account email id is anuragjoshi2606@gmail.com