Unable to build my first Actions

When I try to create a new Dialogflow Agent as taught in the lecture, I am getting a message saying the 3 Actions are already built. I am also getting an error when I test ‘my first project’. Please help

I think u should delete the service u have created through dialogflow agent in google cloud… Try this

Can you please elaborate or send a website link on how to do it

Better to send me a screenshot if u could?

There are already 3 actions built.
Now I am able to test the app in simulator but not through my phone.

That’s the common issue @ashwin.salgaocar sir please check it once… It’s the only problem…

Hi all,

No need to create Dialogflow agents now. Voiceflow has simplified the uploading to google process. Now you may simply follow this lesson: https://trainings.boltiot.com/courses/841310/lectures/25365567
and get to testing your app on the Google actions simulator as well as the Google Assistant App.

Do note that the old projects which were created using the Dialogflow method will now be shown in the drop-down when you click on the Upload to Google. Only the new projects that you create on the Google Actions console will be listed.