Unable to run music, it throws an error

It runs well from the start and at the last it throws an error showing unable to play. I have attached the photo of it please check that out. Thank you

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Hi @jaya.sankeerth

This may happen sometimes. But regardless, can you try this on the Google Actions Simulator and see if you face the same issue.

In any case, do share a screen-recording or more elaborate screenshots so that I can pin point what the issue is.

In the actions simulator also it is not working at all sir. Please have a look below am attaching the picture of the flow and the two videos of prototype and actions simulator

On Actions simulator This is for prototype

@ashwin.salgaocar Above are the links for the actions simulator and prototype sir!!

“Unable to play audio.” Getting the same error. Please help someone.

even am facing the same issue
also the list of tracks are not displaying.

please clarify soon @ashwin.salgaocar

few songs are getting an error not sure why

@rithikadevi27 apologies for the delay. Can we have a screensharing session if you still have this issue?

yes we can have it @ashwin.salgaocar

@rithikadevi27 As discussed in another thread, we shall have the screen-recording session at 11:30 am on tuesday. Do share your contact number for me to forward the meeting details to you.

Excuse me sir, I have exactly the same issue of getting an error in the prototype itself, exactly in the last step. I don’t know the solution and I think it would be more useful if you could post the solution arrived from the screen-recording session which looks like it was held on tuesday.

Eagerly looking forward for the reply with a solution. :grinning:

@jpravachan777 I have noticed most errors to be in the code blocks itself. Do check the syntax thoroughly and you will find the error. You may add screenshots of it also, for me to pin-point it.

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Yes!!!..I’ve rechecked my code, it is working now.
Thank you Ashwin :grin: :+1:t2:

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