Unable to test the my first project in google actions

it is appearing as below

@ME20BTECH11022 We have already answered a similar query on this thread.

Do let me know if you still face any issues.

This happened because you’ve used Some words reserved for GOOGLE ONLY. The words like " App ".What you can do is just simply Avoid using Reserved words.For example, Don’t name Your Project as Telegram APP; You name it as Telegram APPLICATION

similar problem as mentioned above, but i have the previous version of voice flow where i can execute action on voiceflow but unable to connect to google account.
i did not get any permissions or settings as dialogflow.

could you please guide me.

@yukthanurs04 I am assuming that you have not named your voiceflow project with reserved keywords as mentioned by @suswagh28.

It seems to be an email account conflict. As mentioned in the training section, connect the same email address to voiceflow from which you are logged in chrome. Error in the above screenshot clear states that you are trying to access actions created on another user. You can also try testing your app on google assistant on the phone.

Do let me know if you are still stuck

Email address is same throughout. i cant access it through my phone as well.
can i start project 1 again from scratch?
is there any restrictions on voiceflow regarding number of projects to be done?

You can start the project from scratch, there is no issues. But, be careful that Voice flow allows the creation of 2 projects for free. While proceeding with the training content, you can record a video of current project that you are working upon (You will have to submit this link during the voice apps exam). Once it is done you can delete this project. This will help you to complete all the projects in training without a subscription.

@yukthanurs04 Yes you can reattempt the project. Voiceflow only allows 2 projects in a workspace of the free plan. So you have to delete the old project to start with a new one. Once you are done with any project, record a video of the working of the project as it will be required in the final exam. After recording the video, you can delete the current project and proceed with upcoming lessons in training.

Even i had same issue, this happened because you have used some words reserved for Google only. Instead of naming your project as “My first project” try naming it different. for example “First Application”. this worked for me, hope this will be usefull.

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