Updating takes more time i think

i have completed my quiz but it isn’t updating. i have completed nearly 5 times but in “boltiot.com” this website it’s not updating. and one more thing, i don’t bother about that. i will continue with out considering that. i am just informing here is small issue. if you don’t care about that take it easy cool its fine :slightly_smiling_face:

@udaykiran33555 Could you please tell about which quiz you are referring to? It would be better if you attach a screenshot too so that we can make updates accordingly.

one is course
one is quiz

on quiz it shows 100% but course content it havent completed, for more clarity i have sent 3 images

and in voice flow also one issue is there

its not connecting to google

Sorry my first issue it’s solved which is i sent you quiz not uploading in course contet
the issue i havent click complete and continue in top right corner. but help me for the second issuethat is login with google failed it’s showing contact google developers. without signing into google i cant able to learn further process. how to resolve this issue suggest me @shobhit.kumawat .

Hi @udaykiran33555,

This is not an issue. You can click on the Complete and Continue button in the top right section and it will be marked as completed.

@udaykiran33555 I request you to clear the browser cache. Once done, re-login to your Voiceflow account. Retry connecting your google account and it should work fine.
Do let me know if you still face issues.

yeah thank u for suggesting i did that already

it is showing again like that havesn’t resolved

@udaykiran33555 You could try connecting to some different Gmail account. If you are still getting errors, please contact Voiceflow support on chatbot. This may be a account specific issue.

yeah its working may be account issue i think. @shobhit.kumawat thank you for your support

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