Upload to google error

I can’t upload my project in google because it is asking me callers must accept terms and service even though I followed all the steps in the video. Please help me out sir.

I ran into the same problem. This is what worked for me :
You can go to google actions console and create a new project.
This will prompt the terms of service agreement and you may carry on after agreeing to the terms of service.

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hi, I faced the same error in my first project, and I think this error occurs while we are trying to upload our first project, where we will be asked to accept terms and services, but due to some network or server issues it may not be able to get our acceptance and it just continues with further steps, then when we try to upload it to google we are getting this error. So I overcome this by deleting my project and then patiently went through each step of creating a new one and uploading it to google and it worked.