URGENT: Account is temporarily on hold

Note: this is not my original account I’m posting query from this account as my original account is on hold.

My original account is anuragjoshi2606@gmail.com but this account is temporarily on hold. Please activate my account so that I can post my queries and access exam from my original account

And i’m unable access exam too. I’m getting the access code error please resolve this issue as early as possible.
@shobhit.kumawat @ashwin.salgaocar @rajesh.penugonda

@4ni18is011_a I have taken your query to the team. Soon you will get update.

Sir any Updates on my issue? @rajesh.penugonda

@4ni18is011_a No. But you can give the test. I will inform the team that you are using this account for Forum.

Thank you sir. I was able to take the test. @rajesh.penugonda