URGENT : certification course code error

This is Bharathkumara (bharathkumara2000@gmail.com), I’m not able to take my certification test. can you please resolve this issue as early as possible as we need to submit the certificate to our college.

Hi, @bharathkumara2000 Apologies for the issue. I sent your query to the team. I will get back to you once, team replies.

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Sir along with me other 4 guys from my college are facing the same issue can you please resolve it. Please sir we have to submit the certificate to college so please do it early as possible sir.

Their email id are as below:

@bharathkumara2000 Sure!


Sir this is Anurag Joshi (anuragjoshi2606@gmail.com). My access code issue is not yet resolved. It is resolved for other four of the above mentioned people.
I had another issue of main account on hold which I have created a separate topic so I am sending the query from this account. Please give access to take the certification exam on my main account anuragjoshi2606@gmail.com .