Weather App not working on Action simulator

Weather app is working perfect in “Testing prototype” on voiceflow but when I’m trying the same after uploading in google actions project, this is the following error I’m facing: -

Please help me out @ashwin.salgaocar sir.

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Hi @rickan.datta,

I was not able to replicate this issue on my side. I have asked the Voiceflow team to look into this. They too have been not able to find the issue regarding this yet, but they are working on the same. I shall keep you updated regarding the error here.


Same issue is happening with my app also.

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Hi @john24jordan

We have seen that this error has been coming for some students while some students were able to do the projects without any issues. Since this has been the case, we have been trying to pinpoint the issues students have been facing with the Voiceflow software.

Can you also post a similar query on This was suggested by the CEO of Voiceflow. If we have more attention to this query, then I suppose we should be able to get a solution to this at the earliest.

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@ashwin.salgaocar same problem.

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Sir any update about the weather app? @ashwin.salgaocar

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Yes Sir, I got the same problem…

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i was posted this capture block error from 24 days but no any satifide responce from voiceflow .

sir, I also got the same error.

Hi, @aparnadhaygude173,

We have seen many students face this error. You can proceed by recording the video of the project under the prototype tab itself. You will be graded based on that video itself and no marks will be deducted for not sharing the working of the project on Google Actions Console + Google Assistant.

Until then, we shall try to find a fix for this.