Weather App on Google action simulator

My Weather app is working on prototype test but not on action simulator

Sir Please solve this problem asap it is needed for my certification.

@aa.arusha Please follow this thread Weather App Google Assistant issue

This means I just have to submit the screnshot of voiceflow and google action simulator where the project isn’t workin, Right sir??
My marks won’t be deducted?

You have to submit the screenshot of voiceflow and record a video of prototype tab because we have to submit a working project since it is not working on google action simulator and if you upload a non working project your marks will be deducted.

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Actually many students faced the same error. Since, the error is still not fixed properly. So, you can submit the snapshot of Voiceflow prototype tab along with the screen recording of your application in the Voiceflow prototype testing itself.
Talking about the marks, no marks will be deducted as long as your project is working, video recording of project on Google Actions Console + Google Assistant is not necessary.
However, after updating my Voiceflow, I have been able to successfully run the application on Google Actions Console. You may try that too.