@ashwin.salgaocar HEllo sir , I am not able to test my app on google action stimulator. please help me. It says there is some problem weather app has left the conve


@ashwin.salgaocar plzzz help to resolve this problem

Hi @chaitralee99 is the app working on the prototype field of Voiceflow. Can you please send the screenshot of the Design tab as well as the API block so that I can pin point the error. Make sure to hide the API key if you are sending screenshot of the URL.

sir facing same issue with cricket score app, it works fine in prototype tab of voiceflow but problem with google stimulator @ashwin.salgaocar

I am also facing the same issue, don’t know why this problem is arising :confused:

Hi @chaitralee99, For the cricket score app, you are getting an error, because you have the weather app selected as the project under actions console:

You will have to create a new Google actions project for the cricket scores app, or select that if it is already created.

As far as the error you get within the weather app, we are still working on pinpointing the error. Apologies for the delay, but we shall send a solution as soon as we get it.

thankuyou sir