Weather app Problem

Sir I have done everything right as shown in the video but I am getting this. What should I do next.

Check the API key u have set properly or not

I have done everything correctly and many a times but still its showing the same thing.

Can anyone help me out in this… Regarding the weather app.

Pls send the api block screenshot

Hi @rsravisharma6940

Can you confirm if this is the URL you are using:{city}&key=API_KEY

Yes I am confirm… That I have used the correct key.

@rsravisharma6940 I was asking if you can confirm the URL, not the API key. In any case, can you share a screenrecording or elaborate screenshots so that I can pin point the issue.

i am facing “request failed” problem!!!

@pavithrayadav666 most probably u are trying wrong API

yes u r correct, now i got it!! thank u