When to apply for internship

Sir should I fill the form for Internship after completing the exam or should I wait for the results?
And where can I see my results? Whether I’ll get email or it’ll appear somewhere on the Bolt Iot’s website?

@suswagh28 Please wait for your Final Result of the test before filling out the internship application form. It is usually graded within 7 working days post exam submission. Here are the details on final grades :point_down:

  1. The final marks and certificate will be available to you within 14 working days from the point of submission of the exam via email. Usually we send the certificate within 3 working days, but in case if the number of exams to grade are a lot, then we will take slightly longer time.
  2. Once we have graded the questions, you will receive an email from us with the subject " Voice Apps training test result ". Check your inbox and SPAM folder before raising a query with support.