Capture block error

here is the error sir in weather app . when i am using “city name” then google action simulator gives responce , and when i am using any city name like "mumbai , pune " then it gives me error this error be like “We’re sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again” on google action simulator as well as when i am testing on voice flow then its gives me proper respones please solve this error @ashwin.salgaocar sir

@ashwin.salgaocar yes sir same problem. what to do to resolve it?

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Hi @shashankpatil125,

Can you please share the screenshot of the capture block. There seems to be some error with the fields you have entered.

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capture block

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Unavailability of geo city variable in Capture block is the reason for all this I feel. Action Simulator is responding only when is say “City” or “city name” where I have set ‘City’ as the capture variable


The weather app project is required for certification
But the weather app project has a capture block error
So what do I do to get a certificate?
Can I submit another project like joke app project?
I hope @ashwin.salgaocar sir you can solve my problem :innocent: :blush:

please sir @ashwin.salgaocar solve may problem

Did your problem go away? @ishakaushik1231

@shashankpatil125 no,it has not been solved. i think it will take more time.

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sir same capture block error sir it displays " something went wrong please try again" please resolve it sir

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anyone please reply the same problem now am facing it that is when i enter city names it displays a error like"something went wrong please try again"

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Can you please share the screenshot of the capture block?

when you tried to give reply to the google assistant then you entered “city name” but not a particular city name like " pune " then what you get? @ijazmohamed303 @ishakaushik1231

Hi all,

Apologies for the delay. The Voiceflow team has not yet found a fix for this problem. Since it is the holiday season for their team, they will be back in office on 4th Jan 2021, and will continue debugging this issue.

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OK sir, thank you for telling us about his team issues

It Displays “something went wrong please try again”

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Sir any updates with respect to the capture block error?

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Hi All,

We have seen that this error has been coming for some students while some students were able to do the projects without any issues. Since this has been the case, we have been trying to pinpoint the issues students have been facing with the Voiceflow software.

Can you also post a similar query on This was suggested by the CEO of Voiceflow. If we have more attention to this query, then I suppose we should be able to get a solution to this at the earliest.

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okk… sir thank you for helping us :innocent:

While test request in in api i getting error of json object all thought its in json url please help

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