Code block is no longer free

while creating to-do list app code block is required and it is no longer free to user.But this program is need to submit for certification. what we need to do now?

@mohamedkaif16 Please refer to this post: Uploading to google - #18 by ashwin.salgaocar

They have changed the name of the code block click on DIRECTIVE and place it over your design area as i have shown in the screenshot

Then write your code (json)

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Carefully review the certification requirements for the platform or organization you’re submitting your app to. Make sure that a paid code block is indeed necessary to meet those requirements.f it’s confirmed that a paid code block is required, you’ll need to budget for this expense. Depending on the platform or service you’re using, the cost may vary. Ensure that you have the necessary funds to cover this expense. If you’re developing the app for a specific certification process, consider seeking sponsorship or funding from relevant organizations or stakeholders. Explain the importance of the certification and how it benefits the app and its users. Some organizations may be willing to support your efforts.

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