Cric api problem

i am not getting scores and stats in voiceflow.

@nk05201999 remember that the match exist or not try to just see the match in “new match” from cricapi and check it works or not, if not than definitely u have wrong API end points

@subham3140 bro we have to use cricket score api endpoint correct ? i used that only but am not getting scores and stats for any matches for ex here i used for yesterday’s match between aus vs india.

got it thanks.i did not input id with endpoint thats why

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: no issue bro, keep exploring.

Hey…will u explain me how you fixed the problem? I m facing the same problem

happy to.see when you insert the endpoint url copy the whole url including id no and rest of the steps are the same.

can u clarify on this

please solve this issue
it is showing all zeroes

@nikithadhathri11 If it is returning all zeros, then you need to check if you get any response when you do a test request. If you do get a response, you need to check the variable mappings.

Can you please share the screenshot of the test request as well as the variable mappings?

Not able to find the code block

@ashwin.salgaocar I am not getting stats of a single match in cric API. Stats of none of the matches is available. Now what should I do? Even you can go on it and check. You won’t find stats of a single match.

@rahulsaxena2000242 precisely. This is because there are no matches happening currently due to the pendamic. I can’t be of much help if the API does not have any data. You can move forward and come back to this project later on.

Yes sir. I was feeling same thing. I will try later on. Thanks.

Sir, I am unable to rectify this problem. You could see in the test section that when India is captured it sends no reprompt. Plz help me

@vishakhiyer2001 If no prompt is sent that means there is some error in the block following the capture block. Do check the Code block for any errors.

Sir I rectified it but now new problem arose. Which u can see in the picture that when I provide the same unique_id as mentioned in api it shows me invalid unique_id.

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Facing same problem. did you get any solution

@kalesakshi02 Can you please elaborate?

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