Erroe while Testing the app in mobile. (works fine in pc)

The testing works perfectly in the voice flow prototype tab and also in google action console. When I try to test it on a mobile phone it fails.
for your information, I’ve finished all the projects and I know where the problems might be. I tried all that I could. I still couldn’t find a solution for it. If it’s a voice flow website problem caused by the new update, please let me know.
Thank you!

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@prasadprathik10 This seems like a similar issue to this link Weather App Google Assistant issue
Can you have a look at it and try it out and let me know if it worked.

I am also facing the same issue on google assitant app . I tried it by keeping the input block blank but it didn’t work

Guys I have a solution to this issue.but it’s not exactly a solution, it’s more like a hack.
The problem is, google takes the input given and processes it instead of giving the input to the app that we created. So my solution is that, for example if you are dealing with weather app, your input will be a place. Eg: Mumbai. Instead of saying just mumbai try saying : " in mumbai" or “of Mumbai”.this way you can make it work. Note: There is no need to change anything in your design or code. Just give any preposition in your input. That way you can do it!
Please Tell me if this helped. Reply here of it works, so others who are facing the issue can learn it !!!

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didn’t worked for me