Weather App Google Assistant issue

I have built the Weather app and it works fine on google action simulator. But when i try to test it on google assistant on my mobile , whenever the app asks user to pick a city and when the user picks one the app immediately closes and the google responds with the weather (not my weather app). in the tutorial sir has used “Geo City” in the capture block and i couldn’t find it so i used a “Custom” variable. Do u think that is causing the problem ? let me know how to fix it and i think there is no “Geo City” in the new voiceflow.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @girishyelchur

Yes. That seems to be the issue. Many thanks in Pointing it out. I did replicate this on my end and was getting the same error. Geo City is a variable type which is removed by the Voiceflow team and Custom seems to not work. The workaround for this is to delete the capture block and drag a new capture block on the canvas. But this time keep the Input type blank and Capture Input to the city variable:

The rest of the process stays the same.

Didn’t work for me even after this changes. Weather app still left the conversation after user gives city name to the google assistant

@ashwin.salgaocar Any other solution??

@rushishardul28 I have written to the Voiceflow team regarding this issue. I shall update here, once we get the solution for it.


Guys I have a half solution to this. It might or might not work. But it’s worth a try!!! Check out my link and tell me if it worked!!! Open this and scroll down, the solution is in the 3rd reply!

Yes sir that would be helpful. keeping the Input type blank doesn’t work for me either, still facing the same issue.

I tried your trick but it still exits and google takes over. Did you try it?

It worked for me! It’s a gamble. Try logging out of voiceflow and google console and from your phone too. Then log in to everything again and upload it to google again and upload it 3 times just in case and go ahead and check once more. it might work. Note: this is not a solution it’s just a trick. Hope it works! Let me know if it does. Thank you

Sir, please give us a solution for the same. This problem occurs for the cricket app too! I am unable to move forward with the course because of this. Looking for a fix at the earliest.

@ashwin.salgaocar yeah let us know ASAP

Same problem sir. Keeping the Input Type blank in the capture block doesn’t seem to work for me. When I run the test in the Prototype tab on Voiceflow, the app stops after me giving the name of the city.

Fortunately the Weather App is working fine on the Google Actions simulator. But when I try the same on my device (smartphone) after giving the name of the city, its says “Weather Application left the conversation.”

even am facing the same issue @ashwin.salgaocar, if any one has worked it out please let know.

even i am facing the same problem. I could get the exact output even on google action simulator. If anyhow solved the issue please let know.

@nikithadhathri11 Please follow this message: Weather App not working on Action simulator

Since this has been caused by the recent updates to the google action platform, you may proceed with recording the video of the project in the prototype tab itself.

Can I submit the projects in Alexa rather than google?

@idlepcha, If you have a working example of it then yes, you are welcome to do so.